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Re: [IPk] home HbA1c test kit

That's horrendous. Why don't you write to your MP and explain how the
hospital is forcing a CHILD to spend 2 hrs out of school unnecessarily
and endure pain which is easily avoidable?  If I were the hospital, I'd
discover an 'administrative error' and that your son had been supposed
to go to the child clinic to have his hba1c's read!

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, no im not telling
no no no <email @ redacted> writes
>Hi  all,
>Jamie tried one of these (2 now) several months ago, harder to use than BG 
>meter, bit fiddly, but OK, have to make sure you drop in right amount of 
>drops from solution or the results wouldn't be right. Think the results were 
>near his next HbAic hospital test (within 0.3%), so it was useful  we were 
>worried at time as he was not allowed to childrens clinic anymore being 12 
>years old, and he refused to go back to the 2 hour waiting queque for the 
>adult blood room, where they take blood from your arm, and do not have 
>access to the finger prick machine.
>Its quite expensive, #16.90 I think, so we wouldn't use it all the time; 
>trying to find another hospital, but you've heard the one about the 
>(How did you manage to get your son on a pump, we know nothing about this??)
>Cheers, still fighting
>Debbie, mum to Jamie, now 13 year old adult !
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Pat Reynolds
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                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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