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Re: [IPk] diabetes and siblings - any risk?

Hello Joanne

Well, I think this has to be your own decision because I am one of 3 siblings 
in my family who have type 1 diabetes and my daughter has it too.  When I was 
at clinic last week, the Diabetes Specialist asked me if I was still 
 considering having another child and I said that I wasn't sure. He then asked
embarrassing question about, "Well are you having intercourse?".  He then said 
"You will need protection then if you are not sure about another one".  I said 
that I had never needed protection all my life so far because I am one of the 
 unfortunate (or fortunate) ones. He said "Well, have you asked yourself if you
could manage two of your children on a pump?".  I said "Loads of women in 
America do it".

It is debatable and that's all I can say.

Good luck in what you decide anyway.  If you have a child and it is 
 unfortunate enough to become diabetic, you will have two very special children
who will
look out for each other.

Mum to Danielle, diagnosed Aug 2001
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