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Re: [IPk] diabetes and siblings - any risk?

>My husband and I have been talking about having another baby, but we are
>concerned about the risks of the baby going on to develop diabetes like Sam.
>We have no history of diabetes in our family.

Hi Jo -

Forgive me if I muse a little here. Yes - having kids is hard work. But it
is also fantastically rewarding. That's why we do it. Does a kid with
diabetes have less value than no kid at all? If you knew that your next
child would definitely have diabetes, would you rather not create that life
at all? To avoid having another child on those grounds is equivalent to
saying to yout first child "we wish you'd never been born" - which I hope
you don't feel, however much hard work Sam's diabetes has been.

So my vote is have more kids if you can. Yes, diabetes is an inconvenience,
but human life is too valuable.

- I'm the one with diabetes, but I'm a father to 2 lovely boys: Christopher
3 years and Nicholas 8 months.

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