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RE: [IPk] home HbA1c test kit

 Hi Debbie

 At each clinic we are given a little tube to take away and put the blood in,
the nurse at the clinic
 writes out a form and sticks a tiny label on the tube. We take it away and a
week or so before the
 clinic appointment is due we put a few drops of blood in it and take it to the
path lab or we could drop
it in at our GP's.  Then we have the result ready for the next clinic visit.

 Could you get the HbA1c done by a nurse at your GP's. Would this be any quicker
for you?

 It seems rather stupid that he is not allowed in the children's clinic anymore
and he is only 13! Do
you know why this would be?

 Do they always want an armful of blood from Jamie in the adult clinic? Or was
this a special check.

Mum of Sasha age 9

> Hi  all,
> Jamie tried one of these (2 now) several months ago, harder to use than BG
> meter, bit fiddly, but OK, have to make sure you drop in right amount of
> drops from solution or the results wouldn't be right. Think the results were
> near his next HbAic hospital test (within 0.3%), so it was useful  we were
> worried at time as he was not allowed to childrens clinic anymore being 12
> years old, and he refused to go back to the 2 hour waiting queque for the
> adult blood room, where they take blood from your arm, and do not have
> access to the finger prick machine.
> Its quite expensive, #16.90 I think, so we wouldn't use it all the time;
> trying to find another hospital, but you've heard the one about the
> PCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> (How did you manage to get your son on a pump, we know nothing about this??)
> Cheers, still fighting
> Debbie, mum to Jamie, now 13 year old adult !
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