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RE: [IPk] back again

I'm not funded yet (but apparently things are looking more positive) so
can't help with those questions. The day I went on a pump I drove to the
station to pick up a friend. Nothing was mentioned about insurance. However,
I did have to be very careful as there is a tendency to go hypo in the first
few days as you will have some long acting insulin in your system still. I
was careful with driving and wouldn't have driven far but it wasn't a
problem. Perhaps you could just have a couple of days off to cover yourself?
Do you mean you work alone. I had my first 24h on a pump on my own, but with
the mobile phone no of my DSN and instructions to call every few hours,
which worked fine, but I have good hypo awareness.
Hope that helps
DM 7y, 508 9months

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I'm back on this list after a few weeks away for holidays, etc. Just trying
to catch up with various digest posts.
I received a letter over the summer saying I had been given funding for a
pump.:-))) (I am the only pumper in my area). I am due to have a check-up
the consultant this Friday and kind of hoped that I would find out a bit
then. But I happened to run into, whilst at another appt, both DSN's from
local hospital here in Barrow last week. They both told me that they have
invited to a training day by the pump company involved (I don't know who
is yet) on the 13th October and that they will then be responsible for my
from then on. At the moment, I have to travel. Same PCT, but hospital is a
 distance away from our local one due to no diabetes consultant/clinic here
present time. They also told me they had been to one 'day' and were asked to
choose from two or three pumps which were shown to them. One has been
But again, I don't know which one or which company is involved. Hopefully
find out on Friday.
Is this the way things are normally done? Or has anyone who has been funded
been given a choice of company/pump? I know in the past, the PCT have always
given out certain manufacturers pens with no choice available. I was also
that I may need to take time off work (I only work 2 hrs each evening, but
 alone) and that the insurers may not cover me to drive whilst I am having
set up. The driving is a major problem as I have two kids to get to a school
some distance away with no public transport near to it, plus I have
 CFS/Arthritis and walking is a no go. Hubby works full time and cannot get
 There is no one else. Anyone any experience? Sorry to sound panicky! Just
get all these things sorted before I get the pump!
BW Helen 28 yrs Type 1
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