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[IPk] Re: Steve's daughter's temperature changes

In a message dated 31/10/2002 20:46:23 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> One question you may be able to shed some light on is whether problems with
> temperature control is something anyone else has, or did suffer with. She
> can be sweating one minute then cold the next whatever the weather

Hello Steve

I am not sure if the diabetes has got anything to do with the temperature 
changes you mention.  I get cold and too hot just like everyone else (in fact 
my sisters who are not diabetic are nesh in my opinion) and I often am too 
hot during the night but I can't say it is related to the diabetes.  Some 
days I go to collect Danielle from school and people have t shirts on and I 
have a jumper but I wouldn't say that was anything to worry about.  It 
depends on your activity and well-being I suppose.  If I have been watching 
afternoon tv, I will need my jacket on to go to school, but if I have been 
vacuuming, I won't.

Sorry to sound vague, but it's probably just natural with her and that is  
how she would be if she wasn't diabetic.

As for the management of diabetes, I never bothered about looking into a pump 
for myself because I just went along with the flow but I felt I needed to do 
so much more because I was responsible for my daughter's life and that's why 
I decided to try the pump for her.  If she had not been diagnosed, I would 
have carried on the way I was (sometimes not bothered what my blood sugar 
was).  I take it you mean that your daughter is not ready to take control of 
her blood sugar.  She might not want to, but from my experience it won't help 
her decide by reading any frightening stories.  It never worked for me at 
all.  I am just starting to look after myself because my daughter expects me 
to test my blood because she has to.  

Keep in touch.

Barbara W
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