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[IPk] Re: Pat's comments on changing sites

In a message dated 31/10/2002 20:46:23 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> think we're all very proud of Danielle!
> One thing you might want to do is suggest that she leave in the old set
> for a couple of hours after moving to a new one (just the bit in her, of
> course, not the whole thing including the reservoir).
> The reason is twofold.  Some people find that insulin gathers in a pool
> around the catheter tip, and this leaks out after removing the set, if
> it's not left for a bit.
> Occasionally sets fail.  If, like me, you change at, say, 7pm, and
> measure at 9pm, and find you are sky high, it is safer to switch the
> cable back to the old set than to reinsert a new set, and risk having
> that fail too.   As, I assume, you won't want Danielle to be changing
> sets at school (just yet), if you do a morning set change, this will
> allow her to cope with failures if she changes the set first thing in
> the morning.  If she's normally going to change at bed time, it will
> mean if there is a problem when you wake her up for the post-change
> test, you can simply just switch back to the old site, and set the alarm
> for another two hours.  Changing sets while tired is no fun!

Hello Pat

That was really good advice - thanks.  It's also a good excuse to get her 
into the bath if I tell her that the plaster comes off easier.  She has used 
my trick actually (and something Heather Bowler showed us recently).  We dab 
baby oil all around it to get it off easier.

I checked with the pump nurse and she said it is the quick sets that can't be 
inserted manually.  I have obviously got confused.

Speak soon.

Barbara W
D for 29 years and hoping for a pump of my own one day
Mum to Danielle aged 8 just started pump trial
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