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Re: [IPk] Danielle's site change


I think we're all very proud of Danielle!

One thing you might want to do is suggest that she leave in the old set
for a couple of hours after moving to a new one (just the bit in her, of
course, not the whole thing including the reservoir).

The reason is twofold.  Some people find that insulin gathers in a pool
around the catheter tip, and this leaks out after removing the set, if
it's not left for a bit.

Occasionally sets fail.  If, like me, you change at, say, 7pm, and
measure at 9pm, and find you are sky high, it is safer to switch the
cable back to the old set than to reinsert a new set, and risk having
that fail too.   As, I assume, you won't want Danielle to be changing
sets at school (just yet), if you do a morning set change, this will
allow her to cope with failures if she changes the set first thing in
the morning.  If she's normally going to change at bed time, it will
mean if there is a problem when you wake her up for the post-change
test, you can simply just switch back to the old site, and set the alarm
for another two hours.  Changing sets while tired is no fun!

If the bg is ok after the set change, i.e. at bed time, I find it
convenient to remove it then, as I like to get the gunk off in a bath.

If she's coping now with inserting the silhouttes, I don't think there's
a reason to look at the quickests or sofsets.  As she gets more
confident with the pump, she may want to experiment with the different
kinds, but I wouldn't force it.  

I just checked my latest box of sof-sets (arrived last week), and it
still has the guidelines from 1999, showing manual insertion.  

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, email @ redacted writes
>Hello everyone
>I was very proud to watch Danielle change her infusion site tonight herself.  
>She has taken it out of the area just above her bottom and inserted a new one 
>into her abdomen without any fuss at all.  I walked out of the room and left 
>her Dad watching it while I became all sterile and inserted a new bottle of 
>saline into the pump.  I expected to walk back into the living room and find 
>tears.  Instead, she said "It's done and I'm going to bed now".  Unbelievable 
>or what?
>I am interested to know if anyone else manually inserts the smaller sets 
>(sof-sets).  Pat mentioned that they can be done manually and I was told 
>different.  Danielle originally wanted the smaller one (as we all would) but 
>was put off by the device that inserts it.  We were told that it was not 
>recommended that the sof-sets are inserted manually but if they can be, I 
>think we would give that a try.
>Actually Rhoda, which one did you start off with the other day?
>Barbara W
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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