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Re: [IPk] monitoring


I didn't know that consultants directed GPs about what they could and could
not prescribe - I thought GPs had their own budgets to keep to.

I'm obviously very lucky.  Apart from one of the other partners who I saw once
who objected to the number of strips I use, I  have had no trouble.  My own GP
has even put on the script more strips than I asked for.  No one seems to
check how often I ask for repeat prescriptions so if I use more I just ask for

Under the new system are some GPs responsible for the own budgets and some

Best wishes


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I feel like I've knocked a bees nest, anyway my consultant at the hospital
has got back to me and says that 3-4 tests is probably enough and he is the
one that put me on the pump and the best of it is that I've found out that
he is the one that has instigated all of this, I've just come back from my
local GP and I was armed with my daily diary, the statistics that Michael
linked me to,all your e-mails and my reference books. I explained the
problem and she agreed with me but told me it was my consultants directives
because Waltham Forest has overspent its budget with #500.000 on strips
alone she explained because of the high asian population its one of the
highest boroughs with diabetes, I explained that it was probably for type 2
but because she dosn't really understand the fundermentals of diabetes so I
tried to educate her but I think she became very confused (typical). In a
last resort she told me it was my consultants at the hospital i attend
instructions but from his mail this morning it was geared up for type 2 but
as I said earlier he nowonly recommends 3-4 times testing daily (ridiculous
isnt it).
     I feel like giving up my pump and going back to injections so i use my
quota of health service funds in admissions, it drives me so senseless, what
it really boils down to is bloody money,   oooohhhhh I could scream.
    My doctor even said i was lucky that all my perscriptions were free as
some like asthma sufferers have to pay, LUCKY what the hell is lucky about
diabetes Please tell me am I missing something or what, I said to her "I
don't think its lucky and have you read my notes? as I suffer from mild
     Well I rest my case, I think I'll spend the rest of the day stopping
this crazy world and getting off, mumble, mumble, groan.

Best Regards

Dave "The drain On the NHS"
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