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Re: [IPk] Re: Monitoring

> Trouble is they expect the majority of patients to be on twice daily
> mixtard and eat healthily, with no carb measurement whatso ever, and
> honestly belive DM is controllable with this and with 1 to 2 tests per day
> They think that minimal BG testing/ injections is less intusive
> I find it unbelievable that some people are anally retentive enough to be
> prepared to stick to exactly the same routine every day

Hi Abigail
My dad is one of those people - he's had DM for 50 years and until about a 
year ago I don't think he had ever altered his insulin dose. He was on 2 
shots a day and always had to have his lunch at 1pm and his dinner at 8pm or 
he'd go low. Mind you, he only switched from glass syringes to disposable 
ones about 5 years ago!!! He's now got a new doctor and is amazingly doing 
several blood tests a day (rather than none) and on  a pen. He always used to 
say (and really believe) that MDI was a bad thing because it stopped people 
having a routine and it was a good thing to stick to a routine, especially if 
you had diabetes. But he's at last beginning to enjoy the freedom of more 
flexible mealtimes and insulin doses! He still can't quite believe that I'm 
not playing with fire if I miss a meal (on my pump) or have a meal with no 
carbs in! And as for eating a sugary dessert - that of course will no doubt 
send me straight to hell (though for some reason him drinking regular Coke - 
and not counting the carbs in it - doesn't count!!!)
And yes, my dad is anally retentive!!!
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