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[IPk] Re: Monitoring

Heather Bowler wrote: Sorry, I'm on a rant.I'll stop.  But seriously, we're 
strong group of 
 people, what can we do?

Heather B: I'm so sorry that you're going through all this too.  As a 
psychologist, I've lost times of the number of times at DM clinics with 
various staff there, who have told me I'm obsessed/neurotic/paranoid 
over my DM and management.  I find it hard to see how I could be dxed 
with all 3 psych. disorders simultaneously!

I'd love to have doctors/nurses/dietitians etc spend a weekend - no 
more - following a testing/dietary/exercise regime they expect patients 
and their families to comply with.  In a couple of studies where they've 
done this, few survive the course!  

Why am I not surprised?!

When anyone is foolish enough to tell me now any of the above, I ask 
them how they would advise me to monitor, evaluate, and adjust my 
insulin/dietary etc regime without frequent tests.  They usually have 
nothing but waffle as a response.

I also ask them about the St Vincent Declaration, DCCT etc and 
frighteningly often they've not heard of this.  Not so much in DM clinics 
but definitely in medical and surgical wards.

My GPs are great and will authorise any amount of strips and I have 2 
different kinds for my back-up meter as well as usual one.

I would like to see some input at training days for medical/nursing etc 
staff, from DMers including pumpers.

I suspect that those of us who have done the MDI route and self-
empowerment/education are in the minority of DMers.  I have not found 
DUK particularly helpful in encouraging this but recently I detect some 
change in this stand.

I also wish, since I'm talking fantasy land here, that C peptide tests 
were done here to check on insulin resistance.  I'm sure I have 
developed this over the years and am one of those people who have 
bloated and gained massive amount of weight on insulin.  At a recent 
clinic (medical not DM) hospital appointment, the registrar told me I was 
carrying between 48-55 lbs of water in fluid retention!!!!

Hopefully the pump and better control with reduced insulin doses will 
help this.

Bit of a scattered response, but hey I have a painter in doing work in my 
tiny flat and it's just me <g>

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