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Re: [IPk] monitoring

Dear Abigail

I take your point.  However you are lucky to have only "one off" non DM
related prescriptions, I have 7 although one of them also qualifies me for
free prescriptions.

Best Wishes


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Subject: [IPk] monitoring

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Many GPs are notoriously poor at understanding type 1. Then again so are some
hospital doctors
In one of the GP magazines there was an article about glargine stating that
is more expensive than NPH but may work out less expensive as patients will
only need one injection per day instead of 4 !!
Despite the heading once daily BASAL insulin
So some of my colleagues expect us to starve now to save the cost of a few
units of actrapid or humalog!
It does make me cross that so many people are having difiiculties or having
bend over backwards to justify themselves in order to get good care. I
fortunately have not had problems so far although I always get nervous about
confrontation and I worry in case of needing to move as I think primary care
is better where I live than in many other parts of the country
We do appear to be behind in the UK compared to many other parts of the world
( European countrieas and US). I think it's partly because of British
conservative attitudes, not liking to complain, being grateful because its
free etc, blind obediance to our "superiors" or plain bloody laziness!
Personally I'd rather have to pay a small subsidy on my medication than go
without a pump (or even adequate strips) if I couldn't come up with the money
for these. It seems pretty irrelevant really that we don't have to pay for
off non DM related drugs which wouldn't break the bank, but struggle to
or even get denied tools to control DM properly
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