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Re: [IPk] Re Charlie Dalton

The Quickset gave me a blister in the middle (around the needle site) when I
left it on for 3 days.  The blister took some days to heal and I haven't used
a Quickset since.


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Subject: [IPk] Re Charlie Dalton

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It's wonderful news to hear that everything is going well for Charlie.
Changes are hard to deal with and I wish you lots of strength until it
becomes routine!

A slight word of caution. I know that you are using the Quick Sets, which
are so similar to a pen needle in that they're fairly short and quite
inoffensive. The inserter is also great to use. However, I feel that a draw
back of this particular infusion set is that you are unable to see the
cannula piercing the skin and when that inserter pings against the skin, the
assumption can be made that everything is hunky dory. Now, of course,
inevitably it is fine, but please do be aware that there were a number of
problems reported this summer with the Quick Sets not inserting correctly
and therefore not delivering insulin sub-cutaneously (of course, being
repsonsible pumpers, this would soon be detected through a blood test even
if signs were not blatantly obvious). As a result of some bad experiences we
have changed to the Silhouette which, I believe, although, correct me if I'm
wrong Hannah/Jill/Sue the majority of children use. Yes, it is an offensive
needle, but it is actually fine and has the bonus of working out slightly

Forgive me, I've forgotten which cathedral Charlie is in?
Very best wishes to you and him.

Heather Bowler
(You'll be please to know that I'm going to bed now)

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