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[IPk] monitoring/ ranting etc

I find it unbelievable that testing 4x/ day is considered excessive
I honestly think that non Dmers think the worse thing about living with DM is
the needles and it takes unusually empathic non DMErs to realise how MDI/
pumps and frequent tests may be advantageous
I have a friend who is a GP. (not local to me)
She saw someone who had just started on a pump and who had been denied his
supply of 400 strips for three months. Thats only about 4 and a half per day.
She thought it was reasonable for him to have these ( although only doing a
locum at the surgery) but belived that glargine would be "easier than a pump
because 4 tests a day aren't compulsory and I worry that doing this many will
screw people up and make them obsessive"
They just don't have a clue
People either over simplify the condition and accuse people of not taking
insulin or "eating sugary foods" or they just have tremendously low
expectations and people with DM are expected to lead shortened compromised
lives and can't expect to   have independance/ work etc AND live beyond 40
I have a colleague who worked in opthalmology befrore doing GP training. I
told him about my mild retinopathy and his reaction was that I had done well
to live with DM for as long as I have without further problems. He obviously
was trying to be supportive but why should someone who is diagnosed with a
supposedly manageable illness in childhood expect to have health problems in
young adulthood?

In A and E I used to see people on mixtard who had slavishly been having fixed
snacks at fixed times because they were told to. Everyone with DM would get a
BG measurement and these people would often have BG in the teens when the so
called necessary snack was due. This is not empowerment or self management. If
you are expected to do something like eat 6 times per day to prevent
hypoglycaemia shouldn't testing be done before to make sure it is necessary?

Overweight dietician
Did she advocate a "healthy" ie ridculously high unmeasured carb diet,
obsessively low in fat
Did she follow it herself
It would lend credibility if she herself was a reasonable weight or had
managed to significantly reduce her weight on whichever diet she recommends to
her patient

RE childhood management
Certainly a couple of years ago the philosophy locally was mixtard, unmeasured
carbs, no sugar, or chocolate biscuits for snacks etc, a blind acceptance to
forced imposed eating times . Despite this puritanical approach, worried
parents were supposed to accept poor control, huge excursions in glycaemia

having a child with DM now is surely preferable to having it a few years ago
with new developements constantly on the horizon. Even if DUK and the NHS
cater to the lowest level then better treatments and philosophies must surely
infiltrate with time!
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