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RE: [IPk] monitoring


I'm with you on this Heather, but I don't know where we go from here.  I
don't even tell the clinic I carb count as I know they will consider it
neurotic.  I don't write in all the tests I do now because I was told that
we tested too much!.

When  a parent from our local support group was in hospital with her child a
few weeks ago she was approached by some trainee doctors eager to speak to
her, who told her they only actually spend 2 hours learning about diabetes
at medical school!

I just don't know where to start.


> I'm so heartily sick of feeling that I am neurotic, obsessed and
> haven't got
> a life, because I am trying to do something constructive about my son's
> condition and being told to accept the appalling lack of control
> we've had,
> despite our very best,(unassisted) efforts. I feel, very strongly
> that it is
> time that people demand better representation from Diabetes UK
> and continue
> to exert pressure on the NHS to provide a service which doesn't
> cater to a
> bottom line, but can adjust to meet the requirements of a whole range of
> people without making them out to be demanding weirdos.
> I remember, very vivedly, at a hospital clinic appointment, a very
> overweight dietitian looking at my son's diary and shaking her head
> disapprovingly, asking why we felt a need to test so many times a
> day - and
> that was when we were just testing 4 times a day. Let's face it
> how many 2
> year olds can explain how they're feeling and as previously
> discussed, being
> blond and pale how the hell was I supposed to know what his blood sugars
> would be.
> I am exasperated by the medical professionals who spout so much placatory
> rubbish at me and would dearly love them to sign their
> declarations - I'd be
> able to buy everyone pumps when I collected the millions of pounds of
> compensation.
> Oh the wastage of money and effort in the NHS - I defy anyone to tell me
> that they've been into a hospital lately and not had to move out
> of the way
> of some cleaner with one of those whirly gig things which just pushes the
> dirt to the side of the path. Oh, but time for dietetic advice,
> extra strips
> to test your blood sugar - oh, no, of course not.
> Sorry, I'm on a rant.I'll stop.  But seriously, we're a strong group of
> people, what can we do?
> Heather Bowler
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