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Re: [IPk] monitoring

I'm so heartily sick of feeling that I am neurotic, obsessed and haven't got 
a life, because I am trying to do something constructive about my son's 
condition and being told to accept the appalling lack of control we've had, 
despite our very best,(unassisted) efforts. I feel, very strongly that it is 
time that people demand better representation from Diabetes UK and continue 
to exert pressure on the NHS to provide a service which doesn't cater to a 
bottom line, but can adjust to meet the requirements of a whole range of 
people without making them out to be demanding weirdos.
I remember, very vivedly, at a hospital clinic appointment, a very 
overweight dietitian looking at my son's diary and shaking her head 
disapprovingly, asking why we felt a need to test so many times a day - and 
that was when we were just testing 4 times a day. Let's face it how many 2 
year olds can explain how they're feeling and as previously discussed, being 
blond and pale how the hell was I supposed to know what his blood sugars 
would be.
I am exasperated by the medical professionals who spout so much placatory 
rubbish at me and would dearly love them to sign their declarations - I'd be 
able to buy everyone pumps when I collected the millions of pounds of 
Oh the wastage of money and effort in the NHS - I defy anyone to tell me 
that they've been into a hospital lately and not had to move out of the way 
of some cleaner with one of those whirly gig things which just pushes the 
dirt to the side of the path. Oh, but time for dietetic advice, extra strips 
to test your blood sugar - oh, no, of course not.

Sorry, I'm on a rant.I'll stop.  But seriously, we're a strong group of 
people, what can we do?

Heather Bowler

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