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Re: [IPk] my son Sam

Hi Joanne,

Spooky! My son Sam was diagnosed at 15mths and is now 5. He was white blond 
up until 18mths ago, now he's slightly darker blond. He's always looked 
quite pale and pasty. White school shirts don't help and the staff in his 
reception class did comment on how pale he always looks. His pallor is 
seemingly unrelated to his blood sugars - we've tested on numerous 
occasions. I can't say that I've noticed him lokking tonnes better since 
going onto the pump but I shall now look more closely. His brown haired 
sister is also very pale (my mother-in-law says it's because I don't feed 
them meat, but we won't go there!)

Heather Bowler

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>Subject: [IPk] my son Sam
>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 08:07:52 EST
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>Hiya All  - i am in a bit of a dilemma and wondered if anyone can help.
>Sam has been diabetic since the age of 17mths - he is now over 3=.  He
>attends playgroup every morning.
>His playschool leader has worried me alittle saying that Sam always looks
>pale and pasty looking - he is blonde by the way, and when i look at him he
>looks no different to the other children.
>His playschool leader thinks because he is diabetic maybe he looks more 
>in the face.  I sit and stare at him sometimes, thinking if there is 
>more sinister going on, but he is a lively little chap and im sure i have 
>reason to worry, but she has mentioned this on one or two occassions now 
>i am a little worried.
>I was wondering if anybody else has this problem.
>Mum to Sam 3=
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