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Re: [IPk] carbo counting

On 30 Oct 2002 at 8:55, Elizabeth OShea wrote:

> You can find out your insulin/carb ratio by asking your
> clinic to tell you, by trial and error (many people know,
> for example, how many units to take for a slice of toast. A
> standard slice of bread has 15 -17g of carb, so you can work
> out the ratio from there), or by referring to tables that
> suggest a starting rate based on weight or total insulin
> useage.

When my daughter switched to MDI the clinic just suggested 
a starting dose for each meal and did not mention carb 
counting. I worked out my daughters insulin/carb ratio by 
keeping a diary of the carb content of each meal and BG's 
before and after each meal. I looked for instances of good 
BG's after meals and, working on the assumption that the 
insulin/carb ratio had been correct for these meals, I 
divided the meal carbs by the insulin dose given and we now 
use that result to work out the insulin dose for each meal. 

We currently divide breakfast carbs by 5, lunch carbs by 11 
and dinner carbs by 7. I think children often need more 
insulin than adults, particularly around puberty and also 
pumpers use less than MDI. Also, we have had to adjust all 
doses up or down at times. We had friends to stay and Emily 
was playing out much more so we had to reduce Emily's 
insulin doses by about 80%.

Mum to Emily aged 10, dx Oct '99
Humalog x 3, Humalog Mix 25 x 1
+ Robert aged 12 and Matthew aged 7
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