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[IPk] Re: pump needle

In a message dated 28/10/2002 09:59:44 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> When you insert the needle do you just do it very quick?  How long is the
> needle and do you use Emla?  have you tried any other sorts of sets or are
> these the ones that you prefer.

We chose the longer needle which is inserted on an angle and we did it very 
slowly because that is how we all prefer to do it.  The needle is quite long 
but is not inserted at 90 degrees like the syringes or pen needles.  We 
didn't use any Emla cream but we might get some just in case.  We didn't try 
the other needle set because it is not recommended that they are inserted 
manually; instead it is inserted into a device and a click of a button 
inserts it into the skin.  Danielle did not like the thought of being stabbed 
mechanically, so quicky chose the other one.
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