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[IPk] sliding scale/carb ratio

Hi all -

i'm looking for a starting sliding scale insulin/carb ratio chart written in 
mmol and kg and stone. I'm looking at such a table in _Pumping Insulin_, 
where everything is in lb. 9120, 130, 140, etc). If I translate this to kg 
and stone, I have a table that reads, for example 'if you weigh 72.7kg/12 
stone 2, I unit of insulin is likely to cover 11g of carb and lower your 
blood sugar 1.9 mmol.'  I want to have nice rounded figures like your 
diabetes team would give you if they were up on this sort of stuff.

Do you think I should just round? 72kg/ 12 stone, 1 unit = 11g CHO & lowers 
bg approx. 2mmol. It's for a presentation I'm doing on carb counting.

Don't worry, I'll be attaching a disclaimer to all figures - these figures 
are starting guidelines only, etc, etc.

For people wondering, a stone is 14lb. I currently weigh 10 stone, so figure 
that out in pound and kilo!


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