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RE: [IPk] Re: Charlie's pump

Of course I can't advise on what it's like to have to put a set into someone 
else, but having worked out the other day that I've put at least 600 of them 
into myself, I remember injections being more traumatic on a regular basis 
than sets have been. That I might hit a blood vessel and have blood welling 
up from my thigh was always a concern when I injected into my leg. Also bad 
was accidentally injecting into scar tissue (rather than just subcutaneous 
fat) in my abdomen and having my insulin simply not work for several hours, 
but not being free to correct because the insulin *might* work later. Only a 
few times in the past few years have I really been frustrated trying to 
insert a set--mostly when I've been ill, so that my skin's felt sensitive, 
and I've had muscle aches too (which happens to all of us occasionally, 
being human). In those cases, I've had to persevere and think, 'My pump does 
me too much good for me just to give up', take a few deep breaths, and go 
back to choosing a site.

When I was scared to insert a Silhouette for the first time ('cause I'd 
started on Sof-sets), I told myself, 'I have to do this once about every 
three days, but I had to give myself injections at least three times a day 
for a couple of years. Surely I can handle this!' Until I got used to the 
sets, the positive self-talk was very good. I had to psych myself up, but 
once I got a set in I could bask in a little pride in having done it.

Knowing that I have the 'guts' to do something for my health, well-being, 
and quality of life that other people (i.e., people without diabete) might 
find too scary has increased my courage in many situations. Given all the 
stuff one has to know and do, one could demonstrate professional competence 
and desirable character traits in lots of areas by achieving good diabetes 
control! (Not that I would risk putting that I have diabetes on my c.v., but 
that's another topic...).

IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

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