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Re: [IPk] Re: Charlie's pump

Hello Barbara,

Have you/Jill decided which infusion set Danielle is going to use?  Have you 
not tried the set yourself? If not, on the day, Let Jill insert one on you 
first. I can assure you it will not hurt and then you and Danielle should 
have more confidence that wearing the pump is not a compromise. Jill did 
initially use the Sil-Serter on Sam. He reacted to the noise, just a 
clicking sound, and was quite apprehensive. I'd also heard from Andrew Dysch 
that they were manually inserting the set so we ditched the idea of using 
the Sil-Serter. Although, I too, was apprehensive about the needle on the 
Silhouette and it took me some time to get used to the idea of sticking that 
needle into my young son, knowing that it genuinely didn't hurt him and that 
he really does not bother about having the set changed has made me feel much 
happier. It's just something different and the apprehension is far worse 
than the reality.
I'll be thinking of you on Monday. I really do hope it goes well. Be 
positive - you are making a positive decision to improve on life for 
Danielle and yourselves.

With very best wishes,
Heather (Bowler!)

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>Danielle gets connected to her pump on Monday morning with saline.  She is
>petrified, poor thing and so am I for her because she thinks the needle is
>going to hurt.
>Which one has Charlie had inserted?
>Barbara W
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