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Re: [IPk] Continous Monitoring

Hi Kathryn
If you have the chance to go for the continuous monitoring thing, grab it 
with both hands.
I went on it last year (a couple of years after I started on the pump) and 
found it quite enlightening (you can read about my experiences on the IP-UK 
website), though it wasn't that accurate. I wanted to know what was going on 
in the night and discovered that I was definitely going low without 
realising, and I wanted to know what was going on when I exercised, and found 
that I was going high and then dropping again, without realising.

I just asked my consultant about it, and it happened that they were doing 
some research project at the hospital involving the monitor and heart rates, 
so they let me use it for 3 days in return for being hooked up to various 
heart monitors at night!

Wrt to the being active, I am pretty active (I dance 4 nights a week, play 
goalball once a week, softball once a week, go to the gym 3 times a week, and 
go swimming and stuff too, as well as a lot of walking). I find it so useful 
precisely because I am active and need to vary my insulin a lot. It doesn't 
really get in the way - generally I stick the pump in a pocket, clip it to my 
waistband (at the back, front or side depending on what I'm doing) or when 
all else fails, shove it down my top!) - and it's no problem at all. For 
contact sports such as goalball I do remove it though.
Hope that helps

On Wednesday 23 October 2002 20:38, you wrote:
> Hi All,
> I joined this list to learn more about the pump.
> I have yet to decide if its for me; I am relatively active and dont want it
> to interfere.
> As part of the decision process, I would like to wear a continous logging
> glucose monitor for a few days. This will hopefully allow me to determine
> whether the trips to the toilet during the night are caused by  high blood
> sugar or a weak bladder! This will also allow me to determine how my day to
> day control is, during my office job and at night when I exercise.
> I was wondering how many of you already on pumps followed a similar route -
> did you use continous monitoring, is it easy to get one fitted temporarily
> etc etc.
> Im hoping to pre-empt my meeting at the diabetic clinic since Ive only just
> moved to the area and that wont be for ages yet.
> Thanks all, K
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