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[IPk] Can you Help with project?

Pumpers and Friends,

   I had a system die on me a few months ago. When I when to work on a project
...Hist-Timeline of Insulin pumps I can't read the file. The backup cd is
somewhere in one of my doctors computers ... so who know if I will get it
back. I have been working on this for 5 years.... had files backup on three HD
and CD... lost 2 HD when system die and the other I can't read the
file....have it looked at now. 

This is the list of the ones I can remember, but the follow up info is gone.
If you can send me anything about any of them or know of some of the pumps I
have missed Please send them to me. At 

 email @ redacted 

When they were made, what they did, what country used in, any info, pictures.
I had files from Guy's about the Mill Hill lost them all, pic's, manual

              Thank You,

Insulin Pumps Timeline:

1963..BackPack pump USA

1974.Biostator   Germany

1979..AutoSyringe AS 2C   USA

1982..C.P.I 9100  USA

1983..AutoSyringe AS 6MP  USA

1983..C.P.I. Betatron II   USA

1984..Travenol  Eugly    USA

	Nordisk Infusor

CPI/Lilly Betatron I
	Dahedi RW 90 P/ RW 91 P/RW 92

	Becton-Dickinson B-D 1000

	Nordisk Infusor MK II

	Disetronic MRS 3-Infuser

	AutoSyringe AS 8 MP

  	Pacesetter MM 504

	Minimed MM504S

	Pacesetter MM 404 S

	Disetronic MRS 1/ H-Tron

	AutoSyringe AS 6C

	Seimens Promedos E-1

	Mill Hill 1001

	Minimed MM506

	Minimed MM507

 	Minimed MM507C

	Minimed MM508

	Disetronic H-tron 

	Disetronic H-tronplus

	Disetronic D-tron

	Disetronic D-tronplus

	Cane Quark U 100 Bayer

	Animas R1000

	Animas IR1000

 	Dana Diabecare II

1980 Sooil Diabecare

1996 Sooil Diabecare Mini

1997 Sooil 'DANA Diabecare'

2000 Dana Diabecare 

1984?	Nipro ??

2002/3	Nipro Amigo


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