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RE: [IPk] Re: Disetronic training - long

Hello Tony

I had my Disetronic training on 24 and 25 September.  There were only 3 of us
there; the Disetronic rep, my DSN and me.  I was there from 10am to about 3pm
on the first day, and 10am to 12ish on day 2.  I got a headache on both days
from concentration, but I would say the pace and intensity was about right.

All of the setting up of the pump was done by me, under the guidance of
Sylvia, the rep.  This included two sets of basal profiles (both the same, in
case I messed one up), beep volume, standard bolus level, "automatic off"
timing, etc etc.

I inserted a Rapid on day 1 and a Tender on day 2, both during the training
sessions, and changed the insulin cartridge on another pump on day 2.

We talked about timing of carb boluses, timing of BGs, and how to carb count.
Sylvia advised me to split boluses of more than 5 u, but not to worry about
extended boluses just yet.  I have since been taught how to use them
appropriately.  We discussed how to test basals, and how much carb in what
form, would be best to treat hypo's.  Also how to correct highs.  I was given
a carb/Humalog rate, carb/BG rise rate and Humalog/BG drop rate to get started
on.  In addition to the pump manual, pump carry-around manual and credit card
sized guide, I was also given a handbook on daily living with a pump, such as
basal testing, how to manage when you're ill/exercising, how to treat highs,
at what point to revert to an injection, etc.  We went through every page
during the training.  I was also given a 4 page handout on diet produced by
Julette Kentish, a dietician who used to be on the team at Bournemouth.

I was shown a selection of pump cases etc, so that I could ring the office and
order any I wanted, to go with the clip case and a soft case and waist strap
which came free with the pump, plus a spare battery and a month's worth of

On the evening after the first day's training, Sylvia called to check
everything was ok, and suggested suitable times for testing overnight.  At the
end of session 2, we arranged when Sylvia would call again.

That's all I can think of for now!  There were plenty of opportunities to ask


IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 4 weeks

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Disetronic are finally coming to Ireland, and I was wondering what people's
experiences were of the Disetronic approach to training in the UK. It sounds
fairly intensive, around 4 hours training on two separate days, is that

It also sounds comprehensive, with carb counting and basal/bolus adjustment
all part of the training. Is that correct, and was it useful? I'd appreciate
your views.

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