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Re: [IPk] Latest news after my brain operation

Great news John. It sounds like they saved the most important bits of you!
Don't worry about the convulsion, that could be just due to swelling after
the op, and anyway we can get those just from a hypo.

I've got a D-Tron plus at the moment. I like it despite the size, mainly
because putting in a new cartridge and priming is so easy. I also like the
fact you can inc or decrease basal rates by a percentage for a period of
time, eg during exercise or when you've got a cold.

Anyway, take your time. It's still early days and I am sure your son
appreciates you being at home recovering for a while.

All the best


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> Hi everyone -
> Well, before you forget who I ever was... I finally got out of hospital
> last week, 6 weeks after I was admitted with strong headaches, which
> out to be caused by a large brain tumour. They finally cut my head open,
> took out the tumour and packed me off to a rehabilitation clinic where
> after 3 weeks I was finally allowed home.
> My health is now much better. Sadly I now officially have epilepsy having
> had a major fit shortly after the op. So I can't drive, and I can't ride a
> bike on the public highway either under German law which I will find very
> restrictive. There we are. I will be checked in 6 months to see if the
> epilepsy is still there. And I have some short term memory loss - which I
> gather is quite normal as you age. I managed to ring my sister for a
chat -
> only to discover I'd rung her an hour earlier for a chat!!! And I have a
> stupendous scar across my scalp from left ear to right eyebrow: I shall
> need patience waiting for the hair to regrow over the scar.
> On the diabetes/pump front, the clinic took me off my pump as they weren't
> experienced with its use. Since my life was in their hands, I was happy to
> do what they wanted. After a week I was put onto one of these intravenous
> drip thingies, which delivers insulin directly into a vein. I started
> fiddling with the settings as I was convinced it wasn't set properly. This
> alarmed the staff greatly, who promptly disconnected me and put me back on
> injections. Shucks.
> In the meantime, my 507 pump - no longer being used - packed up and has
> been sent in for repairs, and MiniMed jumped in with a replacement 508,
> which I am now using on a free 2 month trial. I've also seen the local
> Disetronic rep, who showed me the new DTRON-plus which looks fairly
> impressive. I will try that when the MiniMed pump trial runs out.
> In the meantime I'm mooching around at home - my wife is away a lot with
> her work, and I have to care for our 2 year old son...
> Best wishes -
> John
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