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[IPk] Latest news after my brain operation

Hi everyone -

Well, before you forget who I ever was... I finally got out of hospital
last week, 6 weeks after I was admitted with strong headaches, which turned
out to be caused by a large brain tumour. They finally cut my head open,
took out the tumour and packed me off to a rehabilitation clinic where
after 3 weeks I was finally allowed home.

My health is now much better. Sadly I now officially have epilepsy having
had a major fit shortly after the op. So I can't drive, and I can't ride a
bike on the public highway either under German law which I will find very
restrictive. There we are. I will be checked in 6 months to see if the
epilepsy is still there. And I have some short term memory loss - which I
gather is quite normal as you age. I managed to ring my sister for a chat -
only to discover I'd rung her an hour earlier for a chat!!! And I have a
stupendous scar across my scalp from left ear to right eyebrow: I shall
need patience waiting for the hair to regrow over the scar.

On the diabetes/pump front, the clinic took me off my pump as they weren't
experienced with its use. Since my life was in their hands, I was happy to
do what they wanted. After a week I was put onto one of these intravenous
drip thingies, which delivers insulin directly into a vein. I started
fiddling with the settings as I was convinced it wasn't set properly. This
alarmed the staff greatly, who promptly disconnected me and put me back on
injections. Shucks.

In the meantime, my 507 pump - no longer being used - packed up and has
been sent in for repairs, and MiniMed jumped in with a replacement 508,
which I am now using on a free 2 month trial. I've also seen the local
Disetronic rep, who showed me the new DTRON-plus which looks fairly
impressive. I will try that when the MiniMed pump trial runs out.

In the meantime I'm mooching around at home - my wife is away a lot with
her work, and I have to care for our 2 year old son...

Best wishes -


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