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[IPk] Back again - no pump YET - Celiac disease etc. long!

I'm just giving an update on the 'hunt for a pump' situation after my appt.
with Dr Smith at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.
Firstly, Dr Smith and his team were excellent in the overall service they
delivered when I had an appt. with them last week. My usual hospital is
Furness General at Barrow, although these hospitals both come under Morecambe
Bay Health Care trust. I couldn't get adequate care at Barrow hence
transferring to Lancaster.
Anyhow, I talked to Dr Smith and he said at first that pumps were not
available on the NHS at all. I told him they were (!) and he seemed to sit up
and listen to what I had to say then! He admitted that the health auth. has
ONE patient on a pump and is funding that one patient but only because she is
allergic to all types of insulin except that delivered by the pump and was
frequently admitted to hospital, couldn't work, etc. etc. due to the
diabetes. When he saw I was still pushing it, he went on to say that it was
an exceptional circumstance and had still been an uphill struggle to get,
taking years of red tape to overcome. He suggested that sometimes the Dept of
Emplyoment funded pumps if work was a problem! What he did say, though, was
that NICE are looking at the possibilty of supplying the pump 'accessories'
such as giving sets etc. on the NHS. He said this would mean the patient
would be asked to come up with the initial cost of the pump, around #2000.
The outcome of the appt. was that he has changed my insulins over onto Lantus
and Novorapid with me being able to see my own diabetes nurses here in Barrow
in between and having another appt. with Dr Smith in January. I thought it
was only fair to at least see if this treatment helped first. But I found out
today that there is no one as yet on this regimen here, either, so I am a bit
of a Guinea pig! (Not sure if this is a good thing or not)! If, in January, I
am still keen on the pump, then we can take it from there, but I would have
to fund it myself initially, and that is not possible right now. I got all
the usual speil about it being ahrd work and not an answer to poor control
etc. and that it was more difficult to adjust than the pen etc. but I think
that he had probablyt been told to do this. He did know a lot about diabetes
(and this is such a change form the standard of care here) so I wasn't too
The thing that bothered me the most, though, was that he looked at all my
other 'problems' and asked me if I had ever been tested for Celiac (sp?)
disease. I have had numerous sigmoidoscopies and a colonsocopy in the past,
but no gastroscopy (yet...am waiting to see the gastro people again due to
nausea and pain) and no blood test as far as i know. He was surprised at this
but said celiac was a possibilty :-(((( and ordered a test anyway. I dread
this coming back as positive.
So, no it's the usual waiting game for that, try this regimen, and wait for
the results of the 'biopsy' (which turned out to be a wide local
excision...agony...and a subsequent infection due to lack of adequate care,
being kicked out of hospital tow hours after surgery, and no antibiotic
Stress...don't ya just love it!
Helen McC
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