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[IPk] Re; Jo Hardy's son

Hi Jo,
My son (now nine) was also diagnosed at 3 and a half. He is still on 
injections although we are condisering a pump, so I can't help you about the 
pumps, but highs and low are what had too.

If he hasn't been diagnosed for very long, he may still be in his "honeymoon" 
period where his body is still producing some insulin. James started off on 8 
units of 10:90 (5 in the morning and 3 at night) which was gradually reduced 
over the next  few months to just one injection of 5 units. He stayed on one 
injection for about 9 months (although the units increased) and I think this 
reflected his honeymoon period.

High and low blood sugar are still part of our lives - I don't think you can 
avoid them with injections - you just get better at knowing when they're 
likely and try and do a blood test at those times. We also used urine sticks 
quite a lot. They will only change colour if his blood sugar had been higher 
than about 12 mmol a couple of hours ago - but I used these when James came 
home from school and he didn't want to do a finger prick.

Hard to believe it sometimes I know, but this do get better.
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