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Re: [IPk] Infusion set replacement

When you need to change your cartridge, though, that means you must change
your adapter, catheter and cannula.  At least that's what it seems to say.
Do you do otherwise?

Yes (although Estelle will shoot me for telling you!)

I change the adapter when the infusion set sticks to it - something to do
with the insulin, and it can happen after the first use, and then some last
a couple of weeks.
I change the needle when it starts to get sore, or when I run out of insulin
(I use quite a lot so it usually only lasts about 3 days)
I would only change the tube when the cartridge needs changing, and not
always then if I have just changed the needle anyway.

I know that I am not doing it according to the book, but after years of
reusing disposable syringes, I cannot get out of the habit of making things
last as long as possible.

I read the manual (ages ago) and I think I completely ignored the bits about
insertion sets (I had been using an H-tron for nearly 2 years when i
switched to the D-tron).  I still use it as a reference manual if I want to
do something I am not familiar with, but on the whole I think that you will
settle on the way that suits you best.

Have fun!

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