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RE: [IPk] Infusion set replacement

Hello Kate

I've tried Rapid detachable and Tender detachable sets.  I prefer the Tenders,
and that's what I'll be buying when my free trial finishes next week.
However, the manual says that you should always change "right down the line",
so if you just change your cannula, fine, you can reuse your catheter once
and, of course, use the cartridge and adapter until the cartridge runs out.
When you need to change your cartridge, though, that means you must change
your adapter, catheter and cannula.  At least that's what it seems to say.  Do
you do otherwise?

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 3 weeks

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Have you thought of using one of the detachable sets - both tenders and
rapids are available from Distronic with detachable ends, so that you can
change either end whenever you feel like it.  This would help alleviate your

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