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Re: [IPk] Re: Dieticians and hospitals

Dear All

YES YES YES.  I would welcome some proper training instead of having to rely
on books.  This chat room is very helpful.  Perhaps a wider range of topics
than Pat suggests in small group meetings.  More openness by the professionals
would also help.  I am about to obtain copies of my hospital records for the
last 12 months (I have seen the previous ones) because I have found that what
I am told (or the emphasis with which I am told) differs widely between my
consultations and what is written down.


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Heather wrote:
Hospitals are for blood tests, checking eyes, feet and blood pressure -
and keeping quiet.

Yes, and look at how many of those things can be done by someone paid a
_lot_ less than a diabetologist!!!  Blood and urine tests, blood
pressure and feet can all be done by a nurse at the GPs (sending the
blood off to a local hospital).  Eyes can be done by an ophthalmologist
in the high street, or for patients with some damage, by a specialist
eye clinic.

Diabetic clinics should not see most diabetics, because most diabetics
should be trained to manage their own diabetes.  The specialist clinic
should be a training organization, Which monitors the regular reports
coming in from GPs, and also lifestyle self-evaluations from patients to
identify a very small client list.  People could elect to go if, for
example, they are planning pregnancy, and there could be optional extra
training courses run regularly for people who want to learn more about a
specific subject (such as taking up shift work, or intercontinental
travel).  But most of that training would be e-delivered rather than
face to face.

Illiteracy or innumeracy diagnosed at the same time as diabetes would,
of course, be considered far more important to address than poor eating
habits!  A deep-fried mars bar a day won't kill you quickly, but not
being able to read the wrapper will.

Managing diabetes in this way, even if most type 1s and many type 2s
were on the pump, would cost no more than the present service, and
because it would extend the quality of life, would have an overall
benefit to the economy.

Best wishes to all,

(dm 30+, 508 1+, must get back to the Dutch!!!)
Pat Reynolds
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