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[IPk] Re: infusion set changes

I normally change sets Friday afternoons and Tuesday mornings, i.e. 3
and a half days each set.
One cartridge lasts me about 10-12 days, and I don't worry if the
cartridge refill doesn't coincide with a set change - just change the
cartridge without changing the set - this also wastes a little insulin
- but one just can't use every single cc I figure. I know many people
do always change the set at the same time as the cartridge, but this
has worked well for me for nearly 5 years now.
I do try to check every morning how much insulin is left in the
cartridge, and if I see that there is not enough left for the next 24
hours, make myself a note to change the cartridge that evening after
work - take insulin out of fridge so that it will not be cold for
refill, and so that I won't forget.

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