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Re: [IPk] Carb counting

Hello again,

There is a Collins Gem book - I think it is called Calorie Counter.  This
gives the carbohydrate content of most foods.  It is small enough to fit
into a handbag or pocket, and was invaluable when I first started pumping.

I was diagnosed in 1978, and was taught the exchange method of carb
counting.  I am fairly sure that I never used it again until I started
pumping, but have always looked (probably out of idle curiosity) at the
nutritional anaysis on packets  We had a Manual of Nutrition on the shelves
at home, as well as a Carbohydrate Countdown - remember those!  I suppose
that because both me and my elder sister are diabetic, my Mum will have made
sure we ate a sensible amount of carbohydrate at meal times - I vaguely
rememer her counting potatoes - and we always had fruit or yoghurts instead
of cooked puddings.

I believe that you can take it too far - I would give up eating if I had to
measure everything.  The beauty of being on a pump is that the correction
bolus is so easy.  As with everything - it is up to you to decide which way
works best, and work with that.  We are all different!

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