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[IPk] Healthcare differences between UK and other countries esp US

Most of the few people who I have met form the States who do not have diabetes
are impressed with the NHS, almost disbelieving that we don't have to worry
about insurance or paying at the point at which care is delivered. This
includes some who are now permanently living in the UK and require healthcare.
They don't seem too worried about long waits for outpatients. I don't know if
this reflects American opinions generally or just the few people I have met
However there appears such a dissatisfaction with people with DM, on this
group( and rightly so) I wonder if Americans in general would feel this way
about our Diabetes set up or whether those on this group are not reflective of
the average person with DM, and are a minority group while the remainder
manage their condition similar to the majority over here
(ie very little self management and either compliance with a regime set by an
underresourced profession who do not have the time or inclination to empower
us to have normal heath and quality of life, which may or may not get
reasonable control but probably with very little flexibility and lots of
severe hypos, or complete neglect of the rules and flexibilty now, pay later
type attitude)

Certainly the ADA seems much more proactive than Diab UK

Is diabetes a condition that is particularly poorly served, relative to other
It certainly seems so
I wonder if there are any other chronic conditions which can be lived with for
years but with a potentially poor outcome and poor quality of life if not
properly managed, at the same time as being complicated to manage and having
such far reaching implications upon almost every aspect of life and even
becoming incorporated into that person's personality?
I think it would be quite difficult to find another condition with which to
compare management
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