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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #236

In a message dated 19/10/2002 00:08:49 GMT Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Pump training 
> seems to differ a lot though - my training consisted of showing me how to 
> fill the pump and insert it (a total of about 10 minutes) - whereas other 
> people have had 3 day courses or even longer.

Hello Di

How long have you had your pump? Did you have it connected at your clinic?  
Who decided on the initial dose?

Danielle's pump nurse comes out to us on 28th October and it will be 
connected with saline, then we are off to get our flu jabs and then back to 
school (poor thing) but she will have it attached with saline until 6th 
November when we will be meeting our consultant and diabetes specialist team. 
 The pump nurse is coming to see our consultant to show him the pump and how 
it is inserted and then she is going to ask him how much insulin he feels 
Danielle should be taking through the pump.  We will then go into another 
room and change over to insulin.

I love going to our clinic because, as people are waiting, I chat to the 
other mums and say things like "Danielle's going on the pump soon" and I can 
guarantee that they are going to say "The what?" and then I say "The insulin 
pump.  Haven't you heard of it?" and they say with a big gasp "No".  I then 
take great pleasure in saying that I contacted an American Diabetes site for 
support and told them a few things and then I got a message back saying 
"Where is your pump?".  By this time, the parents' faces are looking like 
they are in shock.  Our clinic has nobody on pumps and they reckon nobody has 
ever asked for them or about them so I like to fill people in while I am 

The diabetes nurse said that Danielle will probably be asked to go in to show 
off the pump.  I won't do it unless it is her usual visit to the hospital 
unless she really wants to.  I will see how the land lies when it gets 

Oh, and Di, how far do you have to travel to your hospital and how many 
patients are on pumps at yours?

Barbara Watson
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