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RE: [IPk] Carb counting

Hi Pat

I was diagnosed in 1968.  I remember 10g CHO being one "line" - I was finally
persuaded to give up carb counting and "eat healthily" only a couple of years
ago.  Now I'm on a pump to get better control - and hey presto! carb counting
again.  I kind of followed a DAFNE regime right from when I switched to 4
injections a day, even when I wasn't consciously carb counting.  However, now
I'm on a pump, its so much easier to match insulin to carbs and get good BG
results!  How on earth did I think I could get stable BGs on 4 vaguely
variable injections and "not carb counting"?

I still think in "lines" though!

IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 3 weeks

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Shortly after (early 1970s), 'carbohydrate exchanges' were the rage.
Here, because it was assumed that people are stupid and can't deal with
real numbers, we were taught to count in blocks of 10g (others in 12, 15
or 20, depending on what number was thought good by the clinic).  We
were not taught to match insulin to CHO, but to inject the same amount
of insulin each day, and eat the same number of 'exchanges' at the same
time each day.

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