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Re: [IPk] Infusion set replacement

> Hi everyone
> "Pumping Insulin" recommends that pumpers should keep regular days
> for changing their infusion sets etc, eg every Sunday and Wednesday.
> I have 3 questions to ask everyone:

On behalf of Lily, these answers....
> do you keep regular days for changing?

> if so, do you therefore use one of your infusion sets for 4 days?

Yes. In fact this is one of the advantages of twice weekly changes. 
If something comes up where a change is inconvenient on day 3, or day 
4, it's quite easy to skip from 3->4 or the opposite, change a day 
early then switch back to the original schedule the following week. 
For people on the go or with a highly variable schedule this injects 
(pun intended :-) a substantial degree of increased flexibility in 
the change schedule.

> One cartridge will not last me for 3 infusion sets (9 days) but
> isn't quite finished after 7 days, so I can either waste maybe 20
> units of insulin in the cartridge and change it routinely every
> week, or waste a day or two's worth of infusion set usage by having
> to change it early because the cartridge has run out.  What do you
> do?

Waste it.

Michael for Lily.
email @ redacted
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