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[IPk] Infusion set replacement

Hi everyone

"Pumping Insulin" recommends that pumpers should keep regular days for changing their infusion sets etc, eg every Sunday and Wednesday.

I have 3 questions to ask everyone:

do you keep regular days for changing?

if so, do you therefore use one of your infusion sets for 4 days?

One cartridge will not last me for 3 infusion sets (9 days) but isn't quite finished after 7 days, so I can either waste maybe 20 units of insulin in the cartridge and change it routinely every week, or waste a day or two's worth of infusion set usage by having to change it early because the cartridge has run out.  What do you do?

I'm interested to know what others do.


IDDM 34 years, D-Tron 3 weeks and loving it!

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