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Re: [IPk] Carb counting

Hi Jackie
I taught myself - mainly by trial and error and experience over the years. 
Though when I was diagnosed in the 70s I was sort of taught to carb count - 
and did rather like you do now. Once I started pumping and had the tools to 
be more accurate with the insulin, I tightened up a lot on carb counting, 
mainly by figuring out my insulin-carb ratio etc (by experimentation) and 
seeing how things affected my BG by testing a lot. Fats and proteins tend to 
affect people very differently, so it's really something you have to figure 
out for yourself. I don't think you'd have much difficulty adjusting to carb 
counting for pumping, given what you do now. I think some places that offer 
pump training will do a full carb counting training as well. Pump training 
seems to differ a lot though - my training consisted of showing me how to 
fill the pump and insert it (a total of about 10 minutes) - whereas other 
people have had 3 day courses or even longer.

On Friday 18 October 2002 11:08, you wrote:
> I am just wondering how all of you pumping learnt about carb counting if
> you were  not taught to do this.  Do the pump companies help you to do
> this?  If not, how did you teach yourselves.   I sort of do it now but I do
> not count fats and things.  If you are a parent of a child has any
> help/guidance been given?
> Jackie Jacombs
> email @ redacted
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