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Re: [IPk] Dietetic Support

>The dietician also told me they ignore fat in the UK.  I told her that >I 
>had a program on my pump to cover fat...that fat peaked a couple of >hours 
>later for me.  She told me that fat had no effect on my blood >sugar.

One of the Minimed brochures includes a graph,reproduced from the American 
Diabetes Association, showing the way carb, protein, and fat are converted 
to glucose. And indeed, there is a curve for fat. Something like 10% of fat 
is converted to glucose, but it's over a very long period of time. Very 
difficult to cover in advance.

Your experience is much like mine here in Ireland, where diabetics 'eat a 
healthy diet' and they tell people all vegetables are free. I was bouncing 
off the walls for days after I first heard that. Imagine you have a carb 
ratio of 1u=10g and you have lots of carrots with your tea because they're 
"free", say 250g. That's 12.5g of carb, you need 1.2 units for it, you can't 
understand why your BG didn't return to normal, and when you ask the idiots 
in the hospital tell you that's just the way it is or that you must have 
done something wrong and it's your own fault. There is a dietician in 
Waterford who has always taught carb counting, but I think she's unique in 


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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>Subject: [IPk] Dietetic Support
>Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 02:46:14 EDT
>I am very happy to see people on this site describing their problems with 
>dieticians in the UK.
>The diet part of pumping was taught to me in the States.  I was carb 
>1 month BEFORE I got the pump...writing down what I was eating and how much
>insulin I took to cover the carbs.  I had SUCH good training in the States.
>The diabetic care team I worked with was SO good.
>After waiting for 4 months to get into the Diabetic Care Center in my town 
>the UK, I had to see the dietician first.  I told the dietician first that 
>was on an insulin pump and counted carbs.  She said they don't count carbs 
>the UK...they advise diabetics to eat a "healthy" diet.  That blew my mind
>away.  How was I to cover 2 Tablespoons of heavy cream I asked her.  She 
>I should not be eating heavy cream (we don't have heavy cream in the States
>and I have grown quite fond of it!).  I looked around her office at all the
>labels she had and nothing was high in carbs or fat.  I told her the pump
>gave me the freedom to eat what I wanted, when I wanted and I needed help l
>earning how to cover food in the UK (alot of the labels are measured
>differently).  I got a bit irate with her and she continued to tell me I 
>not have to get hostile with her.  I told her I had to get hostile...we 
>talking about my quality of life.
>The end result was she did not have any printed material for me to take 
>to study about carb and fat exchanges.  The other end result was that I 
>have to see the dieticians again.  Being a diabetic for 29+ years makes me
>the best dietician for myself.  I am learning how to cover food in the UK 
>trial and error (I must be doing well because the last glyco I had done 
>was great).
>I just could not believe what she told me.  She had nothing in print to 
>me so I could take the info home and study it.  Diets are not easy to deal
>The dietician also told me they ignore fat in the UK.  I told her that I 
>a program on my pump to cover fat...that fat peaked a couple of hours later
>for me.  She told me that fat had no effect on my blood sugar.  If fat does
>not have an effect of blood sugars, why does the pump offer the dual and
>square bolus?
>Not a good experience at the dietician for me.
>Sorry if this sounds disjointed or angry.  It is just the differences in 
>health care systems I am finding difficult.
>I have spoken to many people here (and home) and have decided that I know
>myself better than anyone.  Obviously if I have major problems my diabetic
>team is here to help.
>Daun (diabetic for 29+ years, pumper for 18 months)
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