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[IPk] Dietetic Support

I'm interested to know how much dietetic support people were given when you 
first started using a pump. We were given a few sheets with carbohydrate 
values and a ratio to use. However, I feel, increasingly that having a 
better knowledge of food would optimise control. I am not trying to shirk 
responsibility but I would very much like to go through diet in detail with 
a dietician and am struggling to do so. The dietician at our local hospital 
does not have the time (apparently) to discuss either carbohydrate counting 
or more importantly the glycemic index with me outside of a clinic 
appointment. Of course that would be far from ideal with 2 children in tow 
and quite how long she would give me I don't know. The hospital where we are 
getting the 'pump' treatment for Sam is over a 100miles away and it's just 
not convenient to nip over there.  We have bought books, including 'The 
Glucose Revolution' but I'm struggling to read and absorb it. I know it's 
important and I should find the time, but 3 young children and plenty of 
commitments have made me long for somebody to help with a plan.
Is there an easy solution? I've been on the British Dietetic Association's 
website and got some details of freelance dieticians and I feel I'm left 
with little option other than to pay forappropriate dietetic advice.  I've 
just laughed as I've read the leaflets from Diabetes UK 'What care to expect 
when your child has diabetes' and 'We're fighting diabetes together'. Ha!
I'm feeling somewhat dispirited.


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