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Hi Di

That's why I asked, in the Chelt hospital she was using a syringe pump (like
the sort they give people for morphine except you obviously couldn't control
it yourself) and I think the insulin was very diluted and last year in
Oxford she was on a pump thing on a stand but this wasn't the same a drip as
it was pump driven and they didn't know how to use it!!!  Had to spend a
long time playing with it.  She was also on a separate glucose drip both
times too.  The insulin went into a vein. Not like CSII.#


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> Hi Jackie
> There's a difference between an insulin drip and an insulin pump (the
> intravenous insulin drip goes into a vein whereas a CSII pump is
> subcutaneous).
> I'm assuming that they are talking only about a CSII pump (like the pumps
> that many of us use).
> But reading it again, perhaps I'm wrong and a normal insulin drip
> (such as
> most of us end up on when we go into hospital) is also what they
> want to know
> about. I've been on one of those many a time!
> Di
> > Sasha has been put on an infusion pump/syringe thingy  in
> hospital twice.
> > Once last year when she had her biopsy for coeliac. Only for a
> few hours.
> > They nurses didn't know how to work it and kept asking us!!! what we
> > thought was the right level???? They had to reset in several
> times as they
> > couldn't work out how much insulin was being delivered, it was
> an infusion
> > into a canular in her hand into a vein.  They sent her hypo
> just before the
> > procedure.  Fortunately I spotted that she was going low.   Is this the
> > sort of thing they are looking for.  She has been on another
> time about 2
> > years ago for about 4 days when she was too ill too eat and was
> just very
> > poorly. She was OK then although they still had to stop start and change
> > the % of glucose in a drip too when she when too low or high.  A bit hit
> > and miss but not  a disaster.
> >
> > Is this the sort of thing you mean or is this too brief a time maybe?
> >
> > Jackie
> > mum of Sasha
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