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Hi Mary
I completely agree with you! I would want to keep my pump for short elective 
ops etc. but not for more major things. For a start, I wouldn't trust the 
hospital with control of my pump while I was unconscious or unable to 
function properly!

> Hi Di, and all,
> Most folk are put on intravenous insulin when hospitalised because a) most
> medics don't know much about pumps or how they work, so are reluctant to
> keep a patient on them and b) when you're really ill or having major
> surgery etc, your various hormone and steroid levels are very different
> from "normal", your bg response will be unpredictable and pump insulin
> absorption time is too long to cope with this - that's also one reason why
> a non-pumper wouldn't be put on a pump in preference to IV.  (I personally
> would prefer to have IV insulin in such a situation.)  BUT I do think that
> pump is preferable for short (especially elective) ops - I am due to have a
> smallish op soon, wanted pump and have the backing of my diabetes
> consultant on using it then - or during admissions for less serious
> conditions if you're well enough to use the pump yourself.
> Mary
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