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Hi Di,

I recall being offered use of the John Radcliffe Hospital's own insulin 
infusion pump last November when my pump batteries failed and I didn't have 
any extras on hand (I sure learned my lesson!). For the benefit of people 
who haven't heard the story, I wound up not going to the hospital, but 
waking every two hours through the night for little injections of Humalog 
instead. Not fun, but more sensible by far.

My understanding from the various hospital employees I spoke with on that 
night last year is that I would have had to call 999 or to show up at A&E 
and then wait for about 10 hours to see a doctor if I'd wanted to use the 
hospital's pump. A nurse who may or may not have known what she was talking 
about described the pump in question as a machine attached to a wall. Some 
medics I know here in Balliol are currently doing clinical work at the JR; 
I'll ask around and see they know about any hospital-owned insulin pumps.


IDDM 8+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years

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