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[IPk] Disetronic Pumps

 Dear Estelle

I am wondering if you know if there are any children using insulin pumps in
the Gloucestershire area.  My daughter attends the Cheltenham General
hospital in Gloucestershire.  My diabetes team are not interested in pumps
and our diabetes specialist nurse is not a paediatric specialist nurse and
deals with type 1 and 2 diabetes.  I run a small local support group in the
Cheltenham area and some of my members have expressed an interest in insulin

I recently attended a committee meeting for the parents support group from
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester.  One on the paediatric nurses
sits on the committee.  When the subject of pumps came up she said that they
would definitely not be putting any children on insulin pumps and that a
hospital in Birmingham had put a child on a pump and they " weren't going to
do any more"!  she didn't explain!   She then went on to make a few
incorrect statements about pumping and I realised that she didn't really
have any idea how an insulin pump worked at all.  I can only think that she
had the idea that it worked like a syringe pump!!  I believe that Gloucester
Royal has quite a few adult pumpers but apparently the Paediatric Department
and the Adult diabetes clinic are totally separate and never meet!!!!

So what I really wanted to know is, do you know of any hospitals in the
Gloucestershire area that will support children on insulin pumps?   Also if
I do want to pursue trying to get my daughter on a pump what is the next
step.  My daughter's HbA1c is good, usually between 6.9 and 5.9.  However
she does have quite a few hypos and is also very active and does quite a lot
of sport and this makes thing very unpredictable.  She also has no night
time hypo awareness and we have to check every night at 2.30-3.00 A.M as
some night she is fine and other she goes low.  She never wakes if she is
low and has had seizures in the past because of this.  I don't think my
consultant will support us.  I am assuming that we wont get funding and will
have to pay for the pump.

I would be grateful for any comments.  My daughter is 8 years old and has
had diabetes for 3 and a half years.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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