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Re: [IPk] RE: Disetronic Problems

Hi Barbara
The solicitation for funds is a message sent automatically by the IP-UK and 
IP lists to those people who aren't on the list of donors. The Insulin 
Pumpers lists need money in order to run, although contributions are 

The solicitation for funds is nothing to do with Disetronic.
If you have any questions about the fund requests etc., please email the 
Insulin Pumpers help team at help@insulin-pumpers.org
Best wishes
IP-UK administrator

On Tuesday 15 October 2002 12:48, you wrote:
> Your e-mail: Subject: RE: (IPK) RE: Disetronic Problems fails to mesh with
> your opening paragraph which is only a solicitation for funds. You are
> asking for one or two dollars a month so you can continue your scheme of
> false advertising.
> Now, the first half dozen times I saw this message I was totally turned off
> and refused to read further. Many other Disetronic pumpers in my group did
> likewise. So, you have did a diservice not only to yourself, but also to a
> very reliable company and a hard working group of dedicated people at
> Disetronic.
> As a satisfied Disetronic pump user for more than two years, I resent the
> implicationas you are fostering and would never contribute to any
> orginization that practices such tricks.
> I will also express my dissatfication concerning such practices to
> Disetronic and encourage them to withhold any funding they may have been
> providing.
> B.W. Dortch
> Unhappy with IP-UK
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