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RE: [IPk] RE: Disetronic Problems

At 09:19 15/10/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Karen,
>I just want to clarify the way that Disetronic works.  There is always
>someone to here to take your call (namely me!) We have two dedicated phone
>lines, being 531337 and 531338, (one is John's and one is mine).  If either
>or both of those phone lines is being used, ie if I'm on the phone, and you
>call in, you will automatically be transferred straight to voicemail, and
>have the option to leave a message.  If I'm not at my desk for whatever
>reason it will ring several times and go to voicemail.
>This was really the best way we figured of capturing a s many calls as
>possible while I am on the phone, as you can imagine, some phonecalls can be
>quite lengthy and the idea of having the phones just ringing and ring or
>even worse, putting you in one of those awful queues you get didn't seem an
>option in the beginning.
>As John pointed out the other day, I check voicemail very regularly and some
>days will be busier than others, but we do do the best we can.

Hi Estelle,

Thanks for the explanation - that is exactly what I understood to be the 
situation. My point is that I think some people would just assume that 
there is a 24 hour emergency number to call, with someone at the other end 
to answer. Unless you live in your office, which I hope you don't, then 
that is of course not the case :) But as I already said, I know your 
voicemails are answered quickly, and if I'm going to be 'incommunicado' 
then getting a spare pump on loan would be The Right Thing To Do. So not 
being able to ring up at 2am and speak to a human being straight away 
doesn't really bother me.


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