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Re: [IPk] my response to the DAFNE trial published in the BMJ

> I still don't get it. If you need different basal rates at different
> times, and there is a long-acting insulin which gives you those
> different rates, then you don't need a pump to give you those different
> rates.
> Say you needed to have 1 unit p/h from 5am to 10am, and then 0.7 ph
> until 5m, and then 0.5 p/h until 5am.   It might be that Monotard (or
> some other insulin) would give you that pattern.  Then the pump wuuld
> have no advantage. But if you can't find a long-acting which matches the
> pattern, then you need the pump.  Having 'different rates at different
> times' isn't a problem which pumps solve.  Having 'different rates at
> different times which cannot be matched by any long-acting insulin' is
> the problem - but you seem to be ruling that out as your problem.

Hi Pat
The problem is that there isn't currently a long-acting insulin that will 
give me the stable basal rates I need. I've tried them all except Lantus, and 
I've tried just about all possible combinations of timing and number of 
injections. I doubt Lantus would work for me because I have varying basal 
needs at different times of day.
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