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Re: [IPk] my response to the DAFNE trial published in the BMJ

> My (personal - othrs may differ) reasons for choosing Disetronic over
> Minimed (am I allowed to discuss this one here?) are:
> a) I like the idea of a backup pump, which will be available to me much
> more quickly than any replacement by courier.
> b) The starting cost is lower (I will have to self-fund or fund-raise).
> c) The recent postings on here raising doubts on the Minimed product
> support. This is one thing that has to be absolutely rock solid, and I'm
> not currently convinced of this for Minimed. This may change when their
> reorganisation is complete, but for now is a factor. If the Disetronic
> support has any problems, at least I would have the second pump which would
> insulate me from the problem.

Hi Julian (and others)
Yes, you're perfectly entitled to discuss your reasons for your choice of 
pump. It is a very personal choice, and people's reasons differ a lot. At the 
end of the day, both makes of pump are equally effective and equally 
reliable. They just differ a little as to the bells and whistles (e.g. being 
able to do square wave boluses, how the temporary basal setting works, 
whether it's waterproof or not, etc. etc.) and to the form of support and 
training offered. I know one person who chose one pump over another because 
he liked the website better :-)

I too like the idea of the Disetronic second pump. But remember, you'd only 
have that second pump if you'd pre-arranged it. If you were just going about 
your daily business and your pump broke down, you might have just as much 
difficulty getting a replacement as you would have with Minimed.
Remember also that we tend to hear about when things go wrong on this list. 
I'm sure most of Minimed's technical support has been fine (indeed, it always 
used to be until the recent problems). 
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